Sheenah Kreager

Sheenah was a coworker of mine for 2 years before we started dating. She started seeing me after she claimed her baby daddy had moved out her house but he showed up at a bar after work one day while we were hanging out. He ripped her out of the place and she told us all at work he was crazy. I first found out they were still living together and then that she was talking to another guy we worked with. A few weeks later I found out she was pregnant with the baby daddy.

Her baby daddy has a business with a manager at my job, and it became a problem for people we worked with when the manager tried to find me askin everyone assuming I was the one in the wrong. Me and the other guy she was talkin to laugh about it still, but last week she came up to me. I applied to move to a different area in the plant where her boyfriends friend works, and Sheenah found out. She threatened if I told her boyfriend’s partner about us years ago she would make sure I don’t get the job. She don’t have that power around our job and she has a lot of nerve to threaten me like that. Watch out guys this girl will fool you she still trying to cover her tracks. She will tell you baby daddy doesn’t work or give her money and lives in her house and more, but they are really still together.


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  1. Ya haha this is hilarious. She cheated on my friend Kenny with Mark, now it llooks like Mark is getting it back. Can’t turn a hoe to a housewife.

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