Shawna Adriane Kaylor

Shawna Kaylor is a psychotic, vengeful woman who will pursue, stalk, and attempt to soil the reputations of men who want no part of her. For online identities (Twitter handle, dating/FetLife accounts), she often goes by GreenEyez6144, whoisadriane, and thenightsky6144. Has been known to obsessively track and follow social media accounts belonging to her targets. Personal tweets reveal suicidal tendencies and frightening aggression. She is unhinged and will attempt to plant herself in the lives of her subjects at any cost. She happily targets innocent third parties if it means getting what she wants. Avoid under all circumstances, both personal and professional.


24 thoughts on “Shawna Adriane Kaylor

  1. Notice the lack of any reference whatsoever to cheating.

    The author is clearly someone crying “sour grapes”: either someone the subject repeatedly rejected and recently cut out socially, someone the subject threatened with legal action for stalking (he had committed a gross violation of the subjects privacy in an effort to find her address, that included making false statements to the subjects’ friends and family) someone the subject recently called out for actual cheating, but only directly to the party involved and there has been no subsequent contact in well over a month, or this party’s friends (the subject and the party in question had several mutual friends, all of whom the subject has severed ties with as of early August), or that party’s girlfriend, or perhaps the “model” who has (needlessly) considered the subject to be a rival for several years, needlessly so since the subject and this party shared no common goals or interests romantically or professionally. It may be a party lashing out, mistakenly, against subject for their own mistakes, for finally having reaped the consequences of their own actions. At this time it is indeterminate, although some of the above are more heavily suspected than others. None of the subject’s actuall ex’s would have written the above. They are all on neutral terms at least, amiable terms in most cases.

    For professional references, a more appropriate place to look is to past and current employers and colleagues. For personal references, try people who actually know the party in question.

    There was no cause for this piece of cruelty to be written. It is recommended that the author do some soul searching, assuming that he/she has a soul to search. A dose of bravery wouldn’t hurt the party in question either.

    This piece has done a great deal of damage to the subject in question, and no action within the subject’s grasp would merit it.

  2. The author has clearly shown intent to ruin the subject’s life in full, on numerous occasions.

    The author will be pleased to know of their success then, at the moment.

    Perhaps later he/she will regret having to live with the knowledge that they took a life and destroyed it thoroughly. That sort of thing is frowned upon pin most communities.

    Even mistakes of this magnitude can be fixed, but the author has opted not to take action.

    Enjoy living with yourself, author.

  3. The above images are property of the party featured in them and have been watermarked by this site for it’s own use without permission. That is considered content stealing.

    Please use the following link if the site does not remove the photos voluntarily:

  4. AUTHOR: you’ve been found out. As a professional journalist, you should know better than to post stories without proper fact checking. Your act of retaliation has landed on the wrong party. There were better ways to handle your crisis instead of lashing out at the person it was most convenient to harm. That was rather lazy, in fact.

    The author can redeem himself and his journalistic credibility by issuing a redaction, that he wrote under duress based on misinformation/no information.

  5. Dear (Semi-Literate) Ghost,

    You’ve been busted. Prepare for capture.


    A Ghost Buster

    PS: “We ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

  6. these claims are falsified and bogus, i know Shawna and none of this is remotely true.

    page should be removed, check my email address moderators. u will be held accountable and no, some nonsense ‘decency act’ wont protect you or this SEEDY business.

  7. I love these articles when someone clearly finds their self here and makes something of an attempt to “cleanse” their name. Obvious? Check. Pathetic? Check.

  8. Looks like someone got rejected by a hot girl with standards, who knew she deserved more. Guy is clearly talking out of his a*s. Found her on Twitter and OKCupid. She’s changed the names now (not posting them here obviously) but she’s still findable. Doesn’t even remotely match the above description.

    Wish I were in her time zone. I’m not, but I just wanted to say this post is clearly total bullshit on a bullshit site.

  9. She’s crazy w***e who only chases guys that treat her badly yet she looks down her nose at good guys who only want to treat her right.

    Get help, b***h. You need it.

  10. Right, and she also soured your cows milk and ruined your crops too.

    Get over yourself. Stop making these posts. Stop submitting to these sites. No one is taking you seriously and it looks bad in your profession.

  11. Anything else to say Anon? Or did you shutup because unlike you, I’m right? Lol. Keep hiding b***h no one wants to see your face.

  12. She’s not going to defend herself. She’s not smart enough and she likes it when people treat her like c**p anyway. She has no dignity. Give up BS she’s a lost cause and everyone knows it already.

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