Shawn Schweier. Denver Colorado

Shawn Schweier! Socialistic and pathological lier claims to be a book author publisher and writer who knows women and is a bad a*s man of seduction truth is he is far from it and offers women nothing but a lost boy with a very very small d**k who is self centered and running from himself through lies and false desire of what he told me his life was “like” Lives in Denver CO where he works at a finance office but claims to be a playboy bad a*s at the clubs where he tries to party and seduce women with his lies. Cheats on them and writes books about it trying to make profit off his fantasy life that he will never have. Tried to sell his books to girls at CU Boulder and other colleges through the area of Denver and Colorado but was kicked off and banned. Some of his “fake” books on Amazon are pimp O nomics and the unchained man. Fellow girls be ware this guy is a fake pervert and only wants to use you in one of his stupid a*s fake books like he did me and he was an awful lay he could never even make me climax or even get me wet it was the worst s*x I’ve ever had and he expected me to pay for everything too he’s a real d**k douch bag. Not worth the time money or horrible s*x !



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