Shawn Allan Driggers, Contra Costa County, California

I was with this man for six years during which time he cheated four times – that I can prove. I’m sure there were many more times I didn’t catch him. His latest escapade is a nine month affair with a married woman. He is an alcoholic, liar, hardly works and is content not having a place/room of his own as for the past year he has been sleeping on friends’ couches or in his van. He is EXTREMELY untrustworthy and has NO problem spending YOUR money.


2 thoughts on “Shawn Allan Driggers, Contra Costa County, California

  1. So true. Everything she said.
    Funny thing is… She’s still with him.
    All he’s got is a big package. And will crush any hope of a relationship you have, with indifference and extreme nastiness! Run. Run dast’n

  2. Run… Run fast. This guy is TOTALLY TOXIC!!
    A total taker, and doesn’t know the words please NOR thank you.

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