Shaunda Melton, Florida Con- Artists Arrested!

Shaunda Melton is a Grandma is a Career Criminal Con- Artists and a Herpes Carrier. Shaunda was arrested in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for stealing more than $500,000.00 from a elderly couple from Ohio. Shaunda will intercept her husband former NYPD David E Heine Health mails and took all his Health Insurance Checks and falsify his signature to cash thousands and thousands of dollars without David knowledge. Shaunda bought a home at Manatee East Bradenton by falsifying David signature without his knowledge. Shaunda infected her ex boyfriend Palota Taamu with Herpes viruses. Palota was hospitalized couple times when they were living together for more than three years. Shaunda was so abusive physically and mentally in their relationship Palota decided is time to leave because he doesn’t want to have any part of her criminal activities. She hate him so much for leaving she posted false and lies about him on the net. Like the old saying you hang out with thugs and criminal you be came a criminal yourself.

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