Shauna Fox (Chastain) Hillsboro oregon

Shauna Fox , Chasitain or McGee : depending on which personality she is that day is a manipulative. Money stealing and unfaithful woman.

She will take your personal and confidential information and use it against you to extort for money or material things to get what she needs out of life. Regularly flirts online under multiple accounts to hide from her multiple boyfriends.

She will stalk you , harass you and slowly try to Ruin your life. I had to lawyer up. Whatever you do. Just run.


15 thoughts on “Shauna Fox (Chastain) Hillsboro oregon

    1. She’s not a slutbag, she’s a tease. Sure she’ll send you teasers but when it comes to it she doesn’t put out. She will tell you want you want to hear. She lies. She will even make you feel sorry for her with all her stories. Take it from me gents don’t fall for them. If you see this one run like h**l!

      1. you guys need to cut the s**t this is rude! she is my friend and she has been through h**l and if you want to be rude you do NOT need to do it online think of it how you would feel if someone posted this about you! So delete this cause you guys are so rude and act so young! Seriously she could kill herself if she saw this! Delete or I will call the cops for this! Your choice! I will look ever day!

  1. Shauna here…
    First of all, this post was entered in retaliation by my ex since I exposed him on a cheater website. Other girls would contact me to let me know he was sending d**k pics or pursuing them. One of the girls he had a separate life with and was having s*x with her…the days he was with me, he would tell her in was in a accident or at the hospital (I have all the text screenshots to prove this)…he even lied to her about having cancer so she would spend money on him. He is a covert narcissist…a pathological liar and a chronic cheater. I recently talked to his ex wife and found out he fathered and abandoned 2 children from 2 separate women.
    I never cheated on him (james sutton). I never stole from him (I actually caught him stealing from me a few times). I do not have multiple boyfriends.

    To Tim and his wife who posted in the comments here: Tim was what I considered a friend and I told him regularly that I would not be in a relationship with him because he was married. I was very respectful and clear about that. Tim did send me a lot of gifts and pursue me, but I did not tease or engage with him romantically.
    Also, Tim, those stories I told you were not lies. I wasn’t looking for pity. You made me believe you were my friend so I vented to you in that way.

    If anyone wants to ask me directly or needs proof to anything I’ve said above, you can contact me at

  2. I don’t understand why you have to tell my wife on here your fake story. You led me on and agreed we would leave our relationships to see what we could be. Airing out your dirty laundry here and admitting you take gifts from any guy that gives you attention explains your multiple accounts and scams on social media. Best of luck to you.

  3. I looked up her picture and she just scams people. She’s on instagram under several names and she has née nudes posted on the fap channel for Snapchat. What a sleeze to destroy some guys life. Glad I looked you up before we went on our tinder date.

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