Shauna Baxter, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

I am now married to this man, at the the time it started I was not. However, I had sensed something was wrong and I had asked my fiance if he was cheating. Well after doing some digging I came up with a phone number and I called it and it was a female. I asked politely who it was and she said it was his best friend -b***h. I confronted my fiance and of course he denied it then he said it was a friend he new from HS from his hometown. Ya OK. Anyways he deleted her number and I blocked it, she changed her number I blocked that one, and we changed his number. Things were OK.

We got married on Valentines Day, his choice. Things were great, well I thought, then low and behold Summer comes hes acting strange again, well he started making lies to get out of the house, he thinks I am dumb. Far from it. Well I checked his phone one day he has a text message from a friend “VITO” man stating ” I am glad your spending more time with me.” well I blew my stack and confronted him and yet again he denied it. Well this all escalated into a domestic.

I did my homework and found he was staying with the homewrecking wench not even 5 minutes from my house. Mind you he was saying we needed a little break and we would be back together -he loved me. Well he did come back home and I thought things would be ok. Now shes saying she may be pregnant. I hope they both get what they deserve.


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