Shaun Eller, Alabama

I caught my fiance cheating so far twice both women he started cheating after we were engaged, and he spends no money on these women so if they do not have their own homes, he takes them to the woods and they have s*x, I did not know this until sometime later, but according to him and friends it started in high school, he was the type of guy that if you went out with him, it was put out or get out, after catching him I questioned him and of course he lied and I am madly deeply in Love with him, so I am the breadwinner and I do travel although t, because when I am home he has no reason to cheat as he gets anything he wants anytime he wants, so hard. Fessed up saying that all men cheat its jst something they do but h said the other girls mean nothing, they are just some free easy p and he loves me, and every night he comes home to my bed so I have nothing to worry about


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