Sharon Palmer Brighton & Hove Sussex England

The following is fact and can be proven;
Out of the 19 months I was with this woman she cheated on me at least 15 of the 19 months with a minimum of 2 men and another possible 3 or more others.
She is Sharon Palmer who is 54, she lives in Brighton England and is a business woman who owns a shoe shop called Shoozoo in Hove.
I had introduced her to my parents and my son as I thought we had a future together as we talked about living together and getting married as this was the woman I had fallen in love with.
After being together for 15 months I never doubted her, I trusted her implicitly, I never questioned anything she did but in Jan 2016 I noticed a flirty text on her phone from a man so I decided to take a look, I saw some other flirty texts which I questioned her about, she said I had no right to look in her phone and said I betrayed her trust, she brushed it off as nothing serious and just a bit of fun with him and she gave me a hard time about it for a few days.
She told me she loved me and would never go with another man, not even kiss another man, she swore she had not slept or kissed anyone but me since we met.
I believed her so left it at that for the next 3 months but it was still niggling me so I decided to put my mind at rest by checking once and for all as I wanted to settle down with her and ask her to marry me, I needed to be sure she was the lovable honest woman I thought she was and grew to love, so I checked all her text messages from Feb 2015 to April 2016 as she had a different phone before Feb 2016.
What I found devastated me and made me feel physically sick, I found at least 2 men she has had unprotected s*x with over several months and a possible 3 more.
This lying deceitful woman had been acting like a s**t and lying to me throughout our whole relationship, I couldn’t sleep that night, my life was shattered and I felt betrayed, hurt and a fool that I’d trusted someone who cheated and used me all this time, she was an actress for 13 years and this skill and experience definitely helped with her deceit.
The first man she started texting in Feb 2015 was a man called Miki, who was younger than her and lives in the Southsea & Portsmouth area, she hadn’t met him or even spoke on the phone but she had arranged to go to Southsea and have s*x with him, the text messages were very graphic, she saw him at least 2 times over the next few months, even staying over at his place, all this time with him she was texting me saying she loved me, missed me, couldn’t wait to be with me.
Even in March 2015 when we visited her sister in Bristol she was messaging this man and arranging to meet him when she got back, she was telling him she was missing him, couldn’t wait to see him and was lonely.
The second man she met in August 2015, his name was James Parker who owns the Regency Hotel in Brighton, he was older than the other man, possibly her age and this was more of a relationship, She told me he was an alcoholic and had health issues related to alcohol which is why she couldn’t leave him, she had totally duped him, just like me, he thought she was serious about him, she lied to him just like she lied to me, he lives local in Brighton so on occasion she had met us both on the same day and even slept with us both on the same day and again unprotected.
This lasted for around 5 months and they still meet occasionally, in that time she lied to us both, she was telling him when she wasn’t seeing him that she was out with friends or feeling tired or staying in with the kids or some other excuse and vice versa to me.
She was texting him while with me and texting me while with him telling me all the time she loved me, missed me, couldn’t wait to be with me.
There could be at least another 3 men, it’s not as clear though if they had s*x, 1 of them had a long term partner he is living with and she is still meeting this man regularly for coffee’s, drinks and meals whenever she can which may be more than just a drink or meal, this man I refer to is called Mike Flynn and he owns a shop called The Tile Depot in Hove a few meters down from her shop, he was relentless in trying to bed her even though he knew she was in a long term relationship with me and he was also in a long term relationship.
So in fact, based on the dates of the messages she has been seeing 2 other men as well as me at the same time from August 2015 to April 2016.
There’s also the possibility of other men, which she could have deleted the texts or she communicated by email or on a dating site as she’s had an active profile on match for the majority of our relationship which as I write this is active now, this is where she preys on men, she even lies about her age reducing it by 5 years, her username is SLBrighton.
There’s also the possibility there were other men before Feb 2015 on her previous phone.
This woman is a compulsive liar and I wouldn’t believe anything she says as she is unable to tell the truth if her life depended on it.
She thinks it’s perfectly ok to meet and text other men whilst being in a committed relationship.
So, this is a warning to all the men of Brighton and all over Southern England to stay clear of this lying deceiving stupid little woman who wrecks lives and is quite possibly spreading diseases around having unprotected s*x.


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