Shannon Elysia Hamelin Edson, Alberta Canada

Shannon Elysia Hamelin born on January 23rd 1984 in London, Ontario

She is the oldest of three kids, and definitely the dirtiest.

Shannon is a child in a 32 year old woman’s body and it definitely shows in her life choices.

In the first four months of our relationship she was sending naughty and nude pictures to ex boyfriends and other men. I had to purchase a phone tracker to prove it but I did. We were able to get her to stop doing it and I moved past it. Then after that she admitted to me that she had genital herpes. This is something she should have told me in the beginning but by this point I was madly in love with her and if I could forgive her for sending pictures I could forgive her for not telling me right away.

The next four months was nothing but pure emasculation. I was made to feel little about how much I made because I worked a lot. Said I could never look after her, said I was a loser and her last boyfriend was so much better than me. Christmas rolls around and I drop over 400 bucks on the girl (remember at the time I was lucky to make 1800 a month and a whole family to buy for including a new one) on things she wanted that I had noticed when we would be out but she was mad at me. Mad at me because I didn’t buy her a Tiffany’s necklace like her brother in law did for her younger sister.

I work in the hospitality industry so I had to work New Years of 2014. She threatened to go see a different ex in Toronto so I walked out on my job, something I have never ever done in my f*****g life so I could spend it with her.

I had a new job within 10 days and her birthday was around the corner. She likes to get plastic surgery (cheek injections) and I somehow managed to come with 800 dollars for her. Which wasn’t appreciated one bit.

We decided Alberta was the place to be, as I worked in the oilpatch before and the money was way better than my barely above living wage in Ontario. She disrespected the rules of my buddy’s house in Alberta by leaving garbage around, dirty dishes everywhere, not cleaning up after herself and being genuinely rude. So within 6 weeks I got my own vehicle again (sold mine in Ontario when we left) so I didn’t have to use her car (she thought it was rude of me to use her vehicle) and got us an apartment.

The only things she had to pay for was her loans and car insurance.

Now I will admit I ended up getting into the cocaine and p**n became easier then dealing with her, so my addictions got the better of me. During this time she started sleeping with her new boyfriend, Devon Ludwig. One day we did have s*x and she neglected to inform me she was having a herpes outbreak and passed the disease onto me, all while she was sleeping with her new guy.

I moved to Quebec to set us up a life where I was home every night and every weekend to spend more time with her. I left her in Alberta, covering three months of rent of her in total, to set us up. She sent a text message saying it was over the day before her birthday, just as I had everything almost set up for us.

But what gets me is that From March 2015 to February 2016 I put a roof over her head, pot in her purse, and food in the fridge. This is the first time she has not lived in her parents’ house. I showed her how to pay bills, and how to get by without mommy and daddy and she repays me by being unfaithful and giving me an incurable disease.

This woman won’t tell you she has herpes and she won’t use a condom. She is a serial cheater and somebody that should be charged with assault.

I am far from perfect but I was always taught during the hard times are when you try to help your partner, and she has always been more concerned with herself. I always had her back, no matter what, I burnt friendships and work relationships for her. She can make you feel like a million dollars but if she needed 20 bucks and you gave her 10 because it was all you had, she would pick the guy who has 200 bucks and will only give her that 20.

Run men, run. If you have slept with her get yourself tested. Now.


4 thoughts on “Shannon Elysia Hamelin Edson, Alberta Canada

  1. You can find her on FB as Elysia Breanna and her hometown is actually London, Ontario not Edson, AB but does live in Edson

  2. You sound like a total loser to be honest. Minimum wage job, cocaine, hmmm….I’m not convinced of anything that you stated here and whomever she is, she’s lucky to be away from you.

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