Shaly VanOrder, El Reno, Oklahoma

Shaly VanOrder knowingly pursued the husband of her friend (and father to a young child) behind her friend’s back. When confronted, she lied and said nothing was going on. The now ex-wife caught them in a lie. The now ex-husband/cheater, Heath Pennel, then abandoned the family without a word. He simply texted later on that he was leaving the wife and would say no more. He showed no regard for the minor child. Shaly and Heath had only known each other for 5 days. Heath and the now ex-wife had been together for 5 years. Shaly now brags about having stolen her former friend’s man and thinks it’s funny. She has Heath playing daddy to her two kids now. Again, with no regard for the abandoned child. These are facts with no embellishments.

Provided photo was sourced from a public post on social media.


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