– Credit Card Fraud

I signed up for Shadow shopper, to try and make some quick extra cash. I was told there was no charge for this membership, that my card just needed to be on file. Well with the holidays going on I got extremely busy and never had the chance to actually try out a job. I checked my account and apparently they renewed my membership after three months and charged me 29.95. I did call just thinking there had been some misunderstanding, but no there was not. They informed me no refunds will be given and it’s a strict policy. On top of it the phone number listed is simply to leave your email, there are no actually representatives to speak with. I went to the website and tried to cancel my account and it looks like it only allows me to place it on non renewal. I am now having to call me bank and let them know I did not authorize this charge. All in all I can say I do not plan on signing up for any other companies like this.


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