Seth Schoolcraft, Longview, Texas

I met Seth Schoolcraft at a party. He swept me off my feet and we began dating and soon moved in together. We were together for 7 years and the entire time he was cheating on me. Yes, I was an idiot for taking him back so many times. He even cheated on me with a girl he met on Xbox while he was jobless and I was paying all the bills and even help take care of his daughter. He will tell you anything you want to hear to get into your pants. He’ll make you feel special, treat you like a princess.. until he gets bored with you gand then he’ll cheat and cheat and cheat!!! He’ll beg you to forgive him while he’s telling his buddies how stupid you are for putting up with him He will tell you he loves you, ask you where you have been all of his life. send you flowers, call you the future Mrs. Schoolcraft, thank you for ‘being you’, he’s very good with his words but I promise you he is telling at least 2 or 3 other girls the same exact thing. He’s a great liar, very believable. He can’t help himself either, he lies about the stupidest things. He doesn’t use Facebook because he doesn’t want his girls to find out about each other. If you are smart you will STAY CLEAR OF SETH SCHOOLCRAFT. It took me a long time to wise up and leave because he is so good with his words and such a good liar. He will lie to you, cheat on you and make you believe he really cares. He’s also a drunk and does nothing but play video games all night long. Be aware that he might also give you a fake name!! He has also been known to send pictures of his ***** to random girls. You have been warned!!!


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