Serge Che, Minneapolis, MN (Cameroon Orignally)

This is just another sad story of the wannabe “good guy” who really turned out to be a narcissistic b*m from the country of Cameroon. This mischievous criminal, came to America about 7 years ago by the assistance of his mother. Well, she soon began to realize that her son was a ungrateful low life b*m that liked to follow up behind other bums and get into criminal activity. (Money Laundering, Drug Dealing, Scaming ect.) Lost, confused and unproperly healed from a previous relationship; he gets into a new relationship with a girl he meets in college. He uses her as his therapeutic scapegoat for his unresolved issues of the past and basically takes her through h**l with cheating, lying, emotional abuse and manipulation. In retaliation, as anger hurt and rage settled in; she became physically abusive to him and tried to make sense of the sick and toxic mess she got herself into. She then realized that she had allowed herself to be open to a misogynistic self-loathing narcissistic sociopath. After discovering his multiple social media profiles (Facebook, Tagged, ooVoo, Twitter ect.) she only uncovered the obvious… Emotional cheating (messages and texts) which later led to finding out he was physically cheating too. Although he falsely accused her of cheating and tried to slander her name, the truth came out later that it was him the entire time. In the end his mother realized there was no hope for his selfish and foolish ways so she kicked his ignorant a*s out. Which left him homeless and using drugs more than ever from his so called “friends”. And his Ex realized that he was a demon disguised as an angel that is now on the loose looking for the next victim he can trick into his web of deception. Currently he’s prowling the streets seeking for any gullible girl that would believe his pathetic story and habitual lies. He goes by multiple names… But his most famous one is “Magic Wolf” (that alone should warn you enough). The mysterious yet troubling thing about this guy she thought she knew was that She had no idea she was going to unlock the vault of utter insanity… She had merely just skimmed the surface of the madness that laid hidden below in the dark corners of his mind.


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