Sean Guarino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Sean Guarino, whom I dated for five years on and off is one of the most grotesque men in town. He has a major alcohol problem and works in nightclubs so ladies, if you enjoy your man stumbling in the door at 11 am then he’ll be perfect for you! He also is a total pot head and loves cocaine when he’s highly intoxicated. He’s a mama’s boy and not the good kind.. His mother will run your entire relationship even though he’s 34 yrs old. He lives like a frat boy. He has two roomates that he shares a disgusting place with. He will brag about dating and sleeping with p**n stars back in his day. Watch out, he is also a carrier of the non curable STD HPV due to his “cool” past with p**n stars strippers and hookers. He has been to jail on three occasions, once for having a weapon at school, possession of pot, and he has a domestic battery case against him for beating the s**t out of me. I had to take a week off work due to the severity of the bruises and wounds. Our “home” looked like a crime scene when he was done with me. He lies insesively, and is the most narcissistic man I’ve ever encountered. He will lie about anything and everything, and it will always be your fault. He’s also verbally abusive and insists on calling you every name in the book. The C word became my regular name after awhile. He despises working out and turns his nose up to anything remotely healthy, therefore needless to say he is super unhealthy and has gained a ton of weight over the years. He’s super flakey and refuses to drive. He doesn’t even own a car, not because he can’t afford one, but because he simply “doesn’t want to drive.” He also cheats. I found numerous emails, and caught him cheating on me twice. The icing on the cake is that he stole my pomeranian from me. Watch out for this one ladies! He is by far the worst boyfriend I ever had, and he will do all of this again to the next girl. He can be very witty and charming. Do not be fooled. He’s a snake. I hope I’ve saved at least one girl from the grief I’ve had to endure from Sean Guarino.


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