Scott Thomas Osborne, Adelaide, Australia

This guy is fantastic in bed and makes you feel so sexy, he has a great way of giving you the impression that he has the potential to be a fantastic partner……great cook, very funny, very intelligent and a mother who will back him up as well…..then when hes moved in and comfy the cracks you realise he is spending your money, doesnt pay for much at all, he gets jealous but its all pretend the whole lot is pretend he is an alcoholic, drug abuser, his children there are 6 of them will run the roost cause he wants to be their friends ohhhhh look he will get bored of you when you start to question, get a clue and stand up for yourself then he will go on the net namely facebook, oasis find a back up plan then before you know it he must move on he will always love you but ohhhhhgees just dont fall for it he is only good for a root!!!! AND THAT IS ALL……….Major drop kick…….S*X ONLY! Told him he should just be a prostitute hed make good money but like he wants to suck the life out of women……mother issues????? Be warned you are not the one cause I got a list of all the ones……any way remember….S*X ONLY!!!!


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