Scott McComas, Parrish, Florida

Scott McComas of Parrish, FL is a serial cheater and pathological liar. He runs back and forth between the harem of women that he keeps on his phone and he will keep his phone face down or hidden out of sight (charging in his truck) when he’s with you. He has the numbers of various women on his phone that he texts with mostly for attention and occasional hookups. He is not transparent about his activities or whereabouts and you will never be privy to his text conversations with these other women. He’s very charming when you meet him and he sweeps you off your feet, so it’s hard to believe that he is capable of such bad behavior. However, In due time, once he feels he has hooked you, he will disappear on you overnight and for days on end only to give you crazy excuses as to where he was. He also believes that if he’s not getting what he wants from you, that he has a right to seek it elsewhere. I’m not a psychologist; however, his behavior and actions are very similar to someone with narcissistic personality disorder. He lacks empathy and can easily take advantage of and exploit others. He was always trying to get things from me for free and as of today he owes me $230 plus. On top of that, when I met him on OKcupid, he was married and lied about it. It was an entire month before I found out that he was married after his wife called me because a friend of hers saw us out at a bar. According to her, this was a long standing pattern and she actually thought he was now being true to her. Little did she know. It turned out that, before me, he had been dating another woman for 2 years who moved out of state. He spends lots of time in bars and only works 2 to 3 days a week, so he has lots of time on his hands to meet others and cheat. He will tell you that he was hanging out with friends, but you will never meet any of them because they just don’t exist. He will tell you that his ex’s make things up or that it was all old stuff. He is guilty of it lol, so what does it matter how old it is. He repeats the same behavior over and over again. He also lies constantly even when the truth is a better story. If you get him in a tight spot, he will just keep talking and none of what he says is relevant and pretty much amounts to nothing more than psycho babble. Bottom line is that he will cheat, lie and steal from you without any remorse whatsoever. Steer clear unless you like being miserable and mistreated. As a side note, I caught him on Xdating, which is a s*x dating site. He claims he was on there because his wife was snooping on his phone and he wanted to be a douche, as he put it, and give her something to look at. Imagine that! As if he wasn’t already being a douche by cheating on her. Priceless, just priceless. Of course, his reason for being on the site was a lie because even after she moved out 9 months later, he continued to stay on the site and received text messages and emails. I saw them myself. Shockingly, he was also exposed on Ashley Madison (note the sarcasm). In my opinion, he is nothing short of a social predator.


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  1. I’m not sure who posted this, but I can assure anyone who reads this that it’s simply not true. This should really be deleted

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