Sarah Abdel Wahab-O’Brien

Sarah Abdel-Wahab-Obrien is a member of ANTIFA, and needs to be exposed for being the filthy, violent scumbag she is. This nasty woman was recently arrested this past spring for being a radical thug during a protest. She is a brainwashed, leftist, entitled douche who thinks the world owes her and will act out whenever she doesn’t get her way. Men, do not go to bed with this big bag of crazy! If she acts this terribly over something she knows little about, could you imagine how nuts she will be if you p**s her off, personally? She might chop your d**k off or set you on fire while you sleep! She looks scummy in her mugshot and more than likely does not shave her armpits or wash her sweaty p***y. You can do better than a temperamental, dirty w***e with crotch rot. If you see this c**t coming your way, RUN! She and her ANTIFA ilk need to be locked away, because they are a danger to the public. Keep away from this crazy b***h!

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