Sara Nieves, Holyoke, Massachusetts

While this woman may look sweet and kind she is truly a caniving scum bag of s**t. It true an apple can be rotten on the inside but her looks aparantly seem to reflect her true inner form. JUST PLAIN DISGUSTING! Known as showdancer from Showbar (nothing more than a disgusting stripper)Dude on some heavy a*s drugs (Coke be specific) making him think overweight bucktooth b*****s look hot and do nothing but talk sht w their b***h a*s friends. Well b***h this one dedicated to your slimy a*s for all the sht talking n wrong you both have done U want public oh b***h ill go public. I’ve never messed with coke before but aparantly it makes yoy hallucinate. Me and the father of my 3 beautiful children had our ups and downs but what relationship is perfect. Id cook for him clean for him (of course with 2 kids and being pregnant would also have a dirty home and only noticed when the house was a mess im lucky if i got 1 or 2 compliments if even noticed at all) i myself have chipped bone in my spine so as you can imagine my 3 pregnancies weren’t easy. Only thing i ever asked from him was to spend some time with him because he was always working or just getting home from work. In back of my mind i always had a funny feeling. After I sit him down and ask him at 8 1/2 months preg if he was happy and if he wanted to be with someone else. He lied in my face and said yes he happy ans no no one else he theb proceeded to leave for work. After being engaged w a fake wedding ring for 5 years i go to use his phone he left charging on the kitchen counter while mine charged to my horror his fb page was wide open there it was entire conversation between them both. Calling each other baby and him meeting up to see her after taking our children to their appointments and supposably bought a car so we wouldnt have to walk in snow anymore but he over here telling her if it was insured hed be there for f**k her in a heartbeat sending pictures to him and him deleting them I yelled at him to not come home because at 8 1/2 mo pregnant was last thing needed.Also left me hungry repeatedly to take this w***e out to dinner.


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