Sana Shaikh / Sana Ismail / Sana Ismail Khan @ Inkster, MI , USA

Sana Shaikh / Sana Ismail Khan lost her virginity at 16 to her cousin; her aunts son, to get into USA how f****d up is that. If you need a visa or any help or even a f**k guaranteed you’ll get it from her. She won’t hesitate to f**k anyone or get down on get knees as long as she gets something in return. She had to suck her cousins c**k to become a USA citizen now goes to Henry Ford Community College and Michigan State University. She used to live in Livonia then moved to Canton and then recently to Inkster. She drives a Toyota Camry and has a capped front tooth because of sucking too many dicks even tho she is now MARRIED. If you ever need a root you can find her at college or go to her bro in laws house at 2174 pinecroft drive, canton, Michigan 48188 or Give her a call on 734 353 8636.



10 thoughts on “Sana Shaikh / Sana Ismail / Sana Ismail Khan @ Inkster, MI , USA

  1. This w***e thinks shes hot s**t but she really just gets passed around whatever ship shes on. She dumb as the box of condoms. shes violently abusive and delusional.

  2. Love the taste and feels of my cousin inside. Who wants to f**k me more ?? Reply and I’ll give you my details. Please remove this whole post 🙁

  3. Can’t believe this w***e slept with her cousin to get into the states. But then again can’t be surprised because she acts like the biggest s**t in town going around college pretending TO be a pharmacy technician when all she’s good at is getting down on her knees. B****y w***e got no looks but has all the mechanics.

  4. Be aware of this b***h. She slept with her own blood cousin. She’s on her second marriage now. She’s cheated on her current husband with me and as just as much as her husband cheats on her. I woudlnt be surprised either because she has f*****g chlamydia !!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah seen her around Dearborn she’s such a w***e. Puts out so much n thinks she’s all hot s**t funny thing is she can barely speak enlgish.

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