Sana Ismail Khan, Inkster, Michigan

People who get married for pure visa/citizenship/residence/country purposes. Dont even let me begin. Taketwo..This d**n s**t from PAKISTAN got married at the age of 17 to HER COUSIN from USA so that she could GET INTO USA. Not only was one c**k not enough for her but as soon as she got into the states she divorced and then REMARRIED to a PAKISTAN who then later got into USA. Funny thing, the current HUSBAND she married detoured to AUSTRALIA until his USA visa got approved. The husband slept around, living his life, having relations, breaking other womens hearts, USING other women, when he IS MARRIED, however after all those seven years in Australia, he STILL CHOSE to go to USA when his visa got approved. Get this, the WIFE and HUSBAND apparently do love each other HOWEVER NEVER EVER met up again AFTER their marriage in PAKISTAN. Upon marriage both went separate ways to USA and AUSTRALIA and only reunited again WHEN Husbands visa got approved. BOTH ARE A BUNCH OF ILLITERATE, MUSLIM, IMMIGRANT who have NO loyalty towards others nor do they have any self respect or dignity in themselves. BOTH NEED TO BE KICKED IN THE GUTS AND OUT OF USA AND BACK TO THEIR HOME TOWN. None of them deserve the countrys privileges when we have thousands of innocent people who do not have a roof over their heads, let alone this!! Stay tuned for Husband post.


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