Samantha Ryan, Kansas, United States

Samantha Ryan who is an adult actress, female adult performer, and female adult entertainer and whose original name is Jamie Mance and who comes from the state of Kansas must definitely be denounced as a: Race-Hating Adult Performer and Racially Bigoted Adult Actress. This is true. This is correct. This is an accurate description concerning her. This description is based solidly upon the fact that Samantha Ryan’s evil, sick, and nasty race-hating ways are primarily against those who are African-American or Black males in particular.

Racism of this kind along with racist-based color prejudice is mentally sick, mentally twisted, and overwhelmingly sinister, malicious, vicious, poisonous, monstrous, and venomous, and those who practice it and participate in it are just the same as well especially Samantha Ryan. Racism and color prejudice cannot and must not be tolerated and must be made known concerning the individual in question.

This complaint has been written to do just that concerning Samantha Ryan. Racial hatred like the one Samantha Ryan practices shows only racist scorn, racist disgust, racist spitefulness, and racist malice against other individuals simply because of different skin pigmentation. This must be condemned, denounced, and rebuked to the fullest, greatest, and highest level and Samantha Ryan is well deserving of this because of being the sick-minded, dirty, filthy, wicked, atrocious, vile, and despicable racist and bigot that she indeed is.


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