Samantha Gines, Amarillo, Texas

Samantha Gines had been talking to my fiancé who is the father of both of our children. Recently she had been trying to make my fiancé leave me so he could live with her & help her take care of her baby since her baby daddy isn’t around. She even wanted him to marry her after only talking to him since November 5, 2017. She had been having sexual intercourse with him out in the parks & secretly picking him up after work to spend time together.


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  1. So again this post was made my Kristen and i know because she posted on homewreckers the same thing and they took it down due to the lie . Kristen posted this because she is a pathological liar and slept with my ex before we had our child my current boyfriend is a Marine and is not home and i would quite appreciate that this be taken down because it is not true I have enough stress with him being away from home to be concerned with having things said about if you could please take this down i would greatly appreciate it
    Thank You
    Samantha Gines

    Also attached to this is the messages about the conversation we had

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