Salvador Ahumada — Tucson, Arizona

He lies about his name, so unfortunately you might never know him as this person, although he has gone by brice knight before. He’ll tell you he wants kids and try to get you pregnant, even though he has no intention of leaving his wife, which of course he has never told you about. He’ll lie about everything and will spin you fantasies that will make you think you have found the perfect man while he is promising you the world. He’ll never confess, even when caught. He’s a complete narcissist and loves the attention of someone in love with him. You will, like me, figure out these things after the fact. He’ll never leave his wife though, because she is the one who holds all the purse strings in that relationship, and he’ll never be anything without someone doing things for him. He’ll be sorry he lost you, but will never do anything about it, whihc is just as good. He will continue to lie to both you and his wife, if you ever find out about her. I wish that if someone knew him and read this that they would tell his mother what kind of son she raised. What a cad.


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