Saint Joseph

My ex Tim Kelly from St. Joseph, MO cheated on me with women from his work, his brothers girlfriend. I found where he was soliciting women on Craigslist. Needless to say I was devastated. He is on every dating site claiming he’s a great guy even though he is an alcoholic and strangled me 3 times. He is on facebook saying horrible things about me after a year because I got the camper in the divorce, AND THAT’S IT. oh and he has to make one car payment a month as well as I do. Master Manipulator. Saying horrible lies about me and my underage children even though he cheated. I help raise his daughter from an affair he had on his previous wife. I get my step daughter every other weekend while he has nothing to do with her. Of course I’m the only reason he began a relationship with her in the begin with because I felt she had a right to know her father so I contacted her mother. Since we seperted and divorced I knew I was not going to throw her away like he did her. He is just a sad person.


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