Royce Jones, Katy, Texas

Tazz, his other name, is a serial cheater and a liar. He lives on Katy, Texas but is from Omaha, Nebraska. This man has the nerve to say he is a preacher. He has a wife, but is engaged to several women. Everybody gets a ring. He acts like a true gentleman to get your defenses down. Master at tricking. Lol!! He will lie and say it is you or somebody else who has the problem. Never him! He will make you feel sorry for him so he can take your money. He lives with his wife, child, and mother but still hunts for more women to use and take advantage of. He doesn’t care who he hurts. Liar, cheater, thief. Watch out MD Anderson! He works there.


10 thoughts on “Royce Jones, Katy, Texas

  1. That’s funny they say he’said a cheater but what did Riki Henry do why is it that he ask me to help him set up Riki takes two to tanko.v

  2. Yawn, you can’t sleep when you know he’s here. Mrs. RHJ6805… want to be, but I am. Sociopath of stupidity continues and its you.

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