Roselle Zigler Riverview, Fl

Roselle Ziegler gave me an STD and I caught her cheating on me with another man. She would deny giving me anything despite her own issues in that “area”. She is a liar, she is bi-polar and freaking insane!!! She was texting another man while we were together and I read the texts at night when she was sleeping. When I confronted her about it, she denied it and got upset with me. That is when I experienced her lies, control and abusive anger. I immediately kicked her out of my life and the next day she posted a picture of her and a new guy. She will f**k everything and anything and will never think twice about it. She is a disease and a filthy w***e who will cheat on her new husband also….someone needs to warn him……Roselle Zigler is a douche!!!


One thought on “Roselle Zigler Riverview, Fl

  1. Omg, I know this little douche. I met her from a website called Plenty of Fish. She was nasty!! Her name was Rose

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