Rose Marie Mercer-Phillips, Arlington, Texas

This woman, who goes by several names, knowingly pursued my husband, James Ducker. She has been charged with stalking and harassing me by the District Attorney’s office of Tarrant County Texas.When I confronted her, she told me that she knew he was married and didn’t care. She said that she would see me dead before I had my husband back. She sent me text messages that she had AIDS and he knew. This was false. She wanted someone to pay her bills. She has that now. Happily married, poor guys doesn’t know her true character. She sent me a night gown in the mail with a letter she fabricated. It was supposedly from a Holiday Inn Express. They did go there, but her letter had a horrible cut n paste logo and was so unprofessionaly written. Obviously not from a hotel. Bad grammar lol. She sent me over 80 text n phone calls…but wasn’t smart enough to cover her tracts. My G*d says that the sins of the father, and mother, fall down 7 generations. She cursed her own kids n ain’t smart enough to know it. If someone knows her new husband…give him a warning. She gets disability but is Not disabled!


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