Rodney Jerome Combs

The fligingest person you will ever meet. This dude is so fake always flashing money or trying to show cars off to hide behind material s**t so you get caught up materialism and don’t pay attention to how f****d up he really is. This ni#@$ is a dressed up clown. He is the biggest trick and comes with everything big except his d**k. Don’t waste your time with his a*s unless it’s about his money. He’s a minute man and even if he in a relationship he’s a free agent. He always stating he making a movie so ladies we can all be actresses and fake a o****m on that Lil d**k or pretend to like him and get that money. A straight hoe so if you know like I know if come in contact with him play your role during them 5 mins of f*****g get what need and move on. Nothing real but the money and if his mouth is open he lying. He f***s anything with a hole and will pay for it. So i guess if time is money its all good. Truthfully the risk of what this ni!#@ could bring you ain’t worth the money.


5 thoughts on “Rodney Jerome Combs

  1. L***o. He is always flijing and stunting. He been on for a minute. You would think he would’ve grown up by now. I guess that little d**k is not tired yet. It really ain’t all or even half of that the tongue straight though

  2. I wanted to out him like this but decided to let him make it. Glad somebody did cause he thinks women are objects.

  3. This dude ain’t s**t. He’s 40 messing with babies.i talked to him until I realized how old he was. He really needs to grow up. He’s maturity level made me think he was in his early 30s plus the dice is small. Money can’t change that.

  4. This n***a is not s**t. F***s everything that has a hole. His d**k is so little it should cause him to be off balance. Only last about 5 minutes like this girl above said. Can’t eat p***y. Front but he don’t have s**t like he did when he was here in Augusta. Heard he was struggling.

  5. I wish I would’ve googled this guys long time ago. He seems like such a cool guy but I found out he wasn’t s**t. His girlfriend whose name is Francesica Singleton if Bedford Texas recently contacted me thru his email. This man is a hot mess and his girlfriend is on some real high school s**t. He has made her look so stupid having her contacting me and other females about his cheating A*s. He’s to f*****g old for this s**t.

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