Robert Mueller, Addison, Illinois

Rob is a very good charmer. He seems like the best guy at first but listen to his stories. Most don’t add up. He lies to make himself sound better and to hook you. He lies about stupid little things and the big things as well. He loves the ladies. At any given time he will be taking to or fooling around with as many as 15 women. The internet has allowed him to have a girlfriend on every site out there. He cheated on me so much I cant keep them all straight. He will blame it all on you, make you feel like because you were not a good enough girlfriend, he cheated. He is very abusive when confronted. He doesn’t like to be called out on his lies. I am not a bitter ex, this man put me through h**l and still tries too. If you left him he will hurt you and enjoy it. BEWARE.


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