Robert Montgomery, South Carolina – He is a serial Cheater

He seems so sweet and even the girls he lies to tell you to give him another chance. its his game to play shy. but he is listed in all dating sites yahoo chat aol and he sais he is single and he is not. fb, zoosk twitter. he smiles in your face as he lies to you and you want to believe. he has girls all over the us and some out. he like all shapes sizes and spanish girls. his phone has a hundered friend numbers but they are all s*x people from online. he plans to travel and stay with these girls for free and use them to. he locks his phone and calls you insecure while texting another. he has never been faithful and tries to hard to b a player. he tells you one thing and the next girl the same thing. he tells you i love you but he is just using you for your money and car. just thought you in greenville sc needed a heads up. he will blame it all on you and call you crazy till you believe it


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