Robert Michael Shattuck 32, Oklahoma City OK / Mt Airy North Carolina

Where Do I begin? First: LIAR. 2nd: Delusional LIAR. Allow me to just go down the list. Robert Michael Shattuck is a smooth talker. So smooth that he REALLY believes his own lies. He’s still common -law married to wife #4 (only claims 2 wives) yet been divorced 3x’s. Has 4 children, only claims 2 (denies a baby girl who looks DEAD ON him) and has never paid child support for ANY of them. Was NEVER “in” the US Navy because he never made it through boot camp. He was however, dishonorably discharged making his VA benefits not applicable. Was NEVER a volunteer firefighter in Mt Airy North Carolina. In order for him to be that, he’d have to be brave and honorable and since he enjoys calling women his “property” while beating them, again, not applicable here. Robert is a convicted felon nationwide with offenses that include: Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Bail jumping and Attempting to Elude. Those are just the offenses he got caught for. This douchebag has NEVER supported himself financially and currently makes his living off scamming unsuspecting and trusting women whom he thinks he can swindle money out of then moves onto the next. He swindled the last woman he was with (only for 2 months!) out of $3K then disappeared. He’s got, by his own admission, “more women than he can handle right now” that he’s conning/hustling at this very moment. He left his last woman of 4+ years because she got sick and had to have a transplant. He has more financial judgements against him than anyone his age because he doesn’t pay his own way through life. Cannot and will not hold a full time job due to the fact that he ALWAYS knows more than the foreman on the job. He’s defaulted on EVERY sub contracting job he’s ever had, especially the ones he conned the client into paying him in advance for. He’s also a seasoned alcoholic with a nasty temper when he doesn’t get what he wants and yes, that includes taking s*x by force along with being promiscuous without any protection. Robert makes promises he NEVER intends on keeping and believes his own lies. If his mouth is open, he’s LYING, bottom line. Additionally, he’s stolen from individuals and children who have helped him out of the kindness of their hearts, only to abscond with their money, belongings, weapons, gaming systems, dignity & trust. Robert Michael Shattuck has gorgeous blue-green eyes, a charming toothy smile and a Dickey Do. Will make you feel like the prettiest woman in the room while he’s plotting on how to get into your bank account, use your debit & credit cards online while you sleep, use your credit rating for things he can’t obtain on his own and then……he’s gone.
Don’t be taken in by this con man, dead beat dad, abusive POS that he is. You’ll regret it like I do. Stay away from this Douchebag.


11 thoughts on “Robert Michael Shattuck 32, Oklahoma City OK / Mt Airy North Carolina

    1. What do you want to know Tiff? Trust me, she won’t be dating him long. Once he realizes that she’s caught on, he will be gone.

      1. She thinks he’s such a good guy, but we’ve all told her we had a weird feeling about him. That would be why I looked him up and found this. I called her and read this to her and she respected it to him and he said it was all a lie and that he would explain anything we wanted to know and make sure we knew it wasn’t the truth. I just don’t know how to prove that he’s lying.

        1. Yep, that’s exactly what I knew he’d say. Everyone always lies on him. I can give you PLENTY of proof should you need it. He’s such a loser and a con artist. Tell her to stop spending money on him and see how long he sticks around. I’ve got a slew of saved text msgs for her viewing pleasure if she wants to read them. Kinda hard to deny those when he sent them from his own number.

  1. Your mom must either live in OK or TX. Pull up case search. Key in his name. Find CF-2006-37. Scroll down til almost the end to where payments on his fines are listed. You’ll see just in 2016 alone, 3 women, initials TV, YB, & CP have paid on his fines. YB is the woman he called “wife” for the last 4 yrs. Waited FAITHFULLY for him to get out of prison. Her face is tatted on his chest and her moms pic is on his back shoulder. Now how would I know this? And for the record, HE AINT NO D**N NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN!! He stole that heritage from YB!! I’ve got ANY and all proof you would need but as long as he’s giving her the high hard one, she will believe nothing you have to say. Sad but true.

  2. Sorry….that’s CF-2005-37. What’s it going to take to prove to your mom that he’s a lying POS? You should set up a lunch date with you her and him and have me appear. He will run so fast out of that restaurant that it wil make your moms head spin. He runs from the c**p he creates. Always has. Always will. Bet he’s still wearing those red & black cowboy boots I bought him, isn’t he?

  3. Have your mom inquire as to if he owns any handguns. Tell her to act like she wants to buy him one. If he says he owns a .45 ACP that he named “Shelby” then THATS the gun that he STOLE from me on his way out along with a few other things. Like the Oakley’s he wears all the time.

    1. I like the lunch date idea. I don’t think I’ll even tell her that you’re coming and you can surprise them both. She’s from OK. She just won’t listen to us. I’m going on a trip for two weeks and then we should figure something out. If send you my number but I don’t wanna post it on here for everyone to see.

      1. Agreed. Don’t send your real # thru here. You can send it to my alias # if you like. 4055865775. And no, I wouldn’t tell your mom anything. I put this post up here to hopefully save other women from him. If she’s not going to listen, then there’s really not much else that can be done. Hope to G*d he’s not living with her. He’s going to take her $$$ & break her heart. Sad part is she probably thinks she’s the only one he’s dating. There are more, trust me. He was probably seeing her at the same time as he was seeing me. It’s only been less than 2 months since I saw him last. But I can guarantee his X of 4 yrs has seen him in the last week bcuz he takes $$$ he gets from other women and gives it to her! He’s a fraud, a fake and a liar. And she will be sorry she ever met him. Just hope he doesn’t blow through your inheritance before you return. Have a safe trip. Ask G*d to watch over your mom while you’re gone. Somebody has to.

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