Robert J Binette

Recently married for the 3rd time, he contacted me (gf on and off for 10 years) and said he craves the passionate s*x we had and thinks of me often. He wants to be with me and said his current marriage is a business arrangement and they lead separate lives. He visits strip clubs and parties with prostitutes, drinks too much. He has called, text and emailed me saying he wants to be with me not her. He complains the business partner(wife) wakes up a “f*****g 5am to go to the gym. I want to sleep late!” He craves the passionate s*x we had.

He said “Im not in a position right now to leave her”. Probably because he just lost his job! Wake up ladies don’t go near this man!! And to the wife, oh hun it’s better to be alone than with a loser!


3 thoughts on “Robert J Binette

  1. I know him! I met him in a bar and we hung out for hours chatting about how unhappy he is in his recent marriage. He kept mentioning another woman’s name and said he rather be with her and he made a mistake. He did seem unhappy and consumed quite a bit of alcohol. Hope the wife knows!

  2. I know him! I met him recently at a bar and we chatted for a long while. He was saying how he made a mistake by marrying his current wife and wanted to be with another woman he has known for a long time. He seemed unhappy with his choices and was consuming quite a bit of alcohol. I just hope his wife finds out!

  3. Listen here you little c**t, don’t be made my father left your b***h a*s. You’re lucky I don’t come find you and choke you with my d**k. You f*****g long tittie no nipple having a*s b***h,
    2+2 not knowing what the h**l it a*s b***h.

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