Robert Ellis Smith. Providence. Rhode Island, USA.

A lawyer, a publisher, an author, a journalist, an actor, and a legal scholar! These were the titles that Bob Smith referred himself to when I first met him at a stage play. I was mesmerized by how smooth he was with words and tales, but make no mistake, this man is abusive and broke! Bob is about 75 and he owns a fancy house on College Hill, just 10 mins drive away from downtown Providence. However, his tiny newsletter business is financially strapped, hence his need to seek alternative income via theatrical acting. Despite his financial struggles, Bob’s ego is as big as the state of Connecticut, often behaving as if he should be the world’s moral compass. Beyond that, Bob is twice divorced and he even had a kid who died from OD! I wished I had met his ex-wives and knew why they separated. This man is egoistic and selfish, and I believe he has homosexual leaning based on his passion for gay rights. He talks big but he seldom walks the walk. If you take Bob Smith’s initial, it becomes “BS.” Bob has emotional and financial issues, I will not trust a word from this man again.


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