Robert Boots, Oregon

So to make a long story short. Robert Boots was married to my sister and fathered a child with her. They divorced when she was three years old. She is now 28 years old. He had no part in her up bringing. But has since contacted her. He has continually found every and any way to duck his child support responsibilities. He has moved from state to state. Works for cash as much as possible. Lives out of an Rv so it is harder to track him down. Now claims to be a holy man and hide behind the bible. Only using that as away to scam his way around this country. He owes 60,000+ in arrearages. The child support order is out of the state of Florida but they are not willing to help my sister out because she has never been a burden on the system. Tracking this guy down has been an exhausting effort on my sisters part. Every door gets closed is her face. I am now trying to help her continue the effort in hopes of getting justice !! It’s not about the money as much as holding him accountable !! So he can paint it any way he wants but do it in a court of law Robert Boots.


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