Robert (Bob) Bark, Pennsylvania

Bob Bark Ruining lives. has ED, an incurable STDs, He is a cheater, incontinence issues, enjoys abnormal and deviant s*x acts. Yes he’s married but live separately so sleeps with her occasionally. Too many personality disorders to list.VERY shallow. Seems great, wait till your behind closed doors. Verbally and emotionally abusive. Thinks all women are s***s and whores and c***s and meets woman on line. Lies to all of them to sleep with them. Uses them for money and gifts., always BROKE. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Std infected, beats on women, just a compulsive liar altogether. Sleeps with women and men, loves a**l. two fingers wiggle right Small crooked p***s, terrible in bed. he idolize his older brother, to the point of incest. For your own good, stay clear from this dirty man w***e..Not vengeance, concern for other women


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