Robert Allen House, El Paso, Texas

Robert is a self absorbed habitual liar. He preys on women for s*x and sad stories to borrow money. He pretends to be a homeowner (not) lives with a woman much older in her home. He talks about every woman he has had s*x with to the next, and tries to slander her. He sends the same masturbation video to every woman he meets and doesn’t use condoms. He talks about his co-workers like a dog, no loyalty to anyone and is legally married. This man is pretends to have been and is scared to date , its a ploy to lure women in through sympathy. He will call you on the phone and call someone else and tell them you’re stalking him and doesn’t talk to you. He will have female friends contact you via social networks to vouch for his sincerity. Be careful he uses the alias” Doc Holiday”.


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