Rikki S. Spencer, Camden, South Carolina

6 months prego and unmedicated things were starting to fall apart for me…i told my man (babydaddy) that i didnt feel as i once did and that we needed help. Things started getting worse not better. He’d stay glued to his phone and kept it on silent even changed the password…Now im no phone peeker until given a reason so i started paying attention to him when he put the password in. low and behold one morning getting ready for work i took his phone and to my amazement i found a pic neck to thigh in a little black dress saying “here ya go” i confronted him and automatically starting lying saying he hadnt done anything that he didnt even know she’d sent that… he stayed out late continued to be secretive and glued to his phone… she was saved as “satan spencer” One day he left his phone behind when he went to work so i had a field day… there were msgs between him and her thinking it funny i friend requested her, him telling her he missed her. Even comments on his posts from her and him about deep throating and how she had a theory that he wanted her to show him. amongst other msgs to other girls regarding single friends, naked pix, even a msg from his recently married x gf to get together and “hangout”. Things started to drive my hormonal prego unmedicated b**t to the edge the bad edge i attempted shyt, called my ob and eventually i was put back on something, i had even tried sexy outfits and hookups acting like we didnt know eachother. nothing seemed to keep him from her… he blamed it on a money situation he supposedly had with her saying that was all it was was the money. but when i asked y he had told her he missed her he claimed he was just stringing her along. Halloween( by this time things were getting better) we took the kids out my bff kept them over night. he invited me to a party he was going to when we got there he proceeded to tell everybody we were working on things and i was his gf again… shortly after in november i learned from one friend he had met her at the gas station and another friend(some place as halloween party) that she’d been over there… curiousity killed this cat cuz he was starting to act weird again i checked his phone and low and behold there was a msg from nov13 when he was supposedly across the street at his “friends” house… She said “im so glad to have seen you i missed you glad you called. did u mean anything you said last night” i confronted him and he swore she had been driving down the st when he was walking home, when confronted again cuz she’d blatantly given him up he pitched a fit and we fought about it… i had done my own research so i kindly told him that if he and/or she didnt stop i would go to the camden military academy were her son went and rock her f*****g world… i also told/showed him that i managed to obtain her husband phone # and if shyt continued i would meet up and have lunch with him… Needless to say as far as i know shes out of the picture… but lately my home wrecking w***e senses are going crazy…. cant wait to meet jim and have lunch!!! oh yeah a little tid bit i left out my man works at an atuo parts store thats where he met jim and rikki… jim hired my man to go to georgia and work on a house…. it was just my man and rikki


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