Ricky Gillmore, Ontario, Canada

This guy is a serial baby maker. He got me pregnant at 18 didn’t work sat at home all day an played video games while I worked overtime didn’t brush his teeth I had to tell him to shower..then after I had the baby he tells me he has SIX OTHER KIDS that he does not see or support..needless to say our relationship went down hill he would stay out late and leave me at home with the baby all the time would talk to other girls and proposition them for s*x on dating websites cheated with his ex was married when we got together and didn’t tell me got sucked off by a transvestite and made me stick a finger in his a*s..signed over his rights to his child because he was too lazy and stupid to get a job and a place of his own he can’t read or write worth s**t and he’s 34 years old AND just had another kid with a 19 year old!!! This boy is disgusting and vile and fist fought with me after we broke up..also threatened that someone said they were going to rape me and my daughter, who does that?!?! Don’t EVER DATE THIS GUY he will treat you like s**t never work a day in his life and he will put his hands on you like he did to me


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