Richard Goff — Seabrook, Texas

This married guy had a two-plus year affair with a married woman in his neighborhood. He pretended to be her family’s friend, came around for parties, and met them out for drinks. When it was discovered what had been going on and his wife(Dr. Camille Goff) was informed, she said this had happened numerous times before, that the woman had unknowingly done her a favor, and she was divorcing him. He’d been working out of town mostly at that time, and she had his stuff moved out and listed their house on the market for sale. Within a few months, he was back with the wife. Not only is this guy a backstabber and a repeat offender, but now he’s running for Constable just a few months later and had these family pictures up on his website that are a complete joke and campaign signs up with his picture on them. Slimeball loser. Why would you want a known cheater now as the constable? The thousands of texts, naked photos, and videos were all discovered.


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