Rich Rhone, Glenfield, New York

Hi, my name is Sharon peters, me and this guy dated for a while, it was love at first sight for me, i thought it was for him too. things started out great, he wined and dined me and treated me good, then got drunk one night and started yelling at me and telling me how i was worthless and my name was stupid and i was a fat b***h and i had to tie a bone around my neck to get the dog to play with me. ugh i was so mad and hurt that he felt that way after 6 months. well i started pulling away, i could feel tension like he didn’t want this anymore. the only thing that was weird was when we would go out i didn’t feel like he was looking at other girls, but guys. that’s when i found him n his “friend” talking gay and thought o their just playing. well turns out they weren’t. that piece of c**p cheated on me with a guy, if cheating wasn’t enough. so watch out girls if you don’t wanna be treated like c**p and then be dumped for another guy just don’t bother with him!!


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