Regina Ice, Bucharest, Romania

Regina Ice (known also as Maria Iscusitu) who happens to be a woman adult entertainer or adult actress from Bucharest, Romania is to be considered a dirty racist and a defiled, polluted, and unclean bigot because of the fact that she is against those who are not white or not Caucasian. This especially holds true with those who are African-American males in particular whom she is totally against because of the dark skin complexion or dark skin pigmentation that they have.

Therefore without a doubt Regina Ice must definitely be considered as a small-minded and unintelligent, racist, and bigot, and a wicked skin color prejudiced person as a whole and because she is that way this means that she is also a totally evil individual and a totally black-hearted person when it comes to other races also as well. Racism and skin color discrimination is sick, twisted, and crooked to say the least and Regina Ice must be exposed for being crooked, heinous, horrible, and mentally twisted also as well.

Racism robs or cheats people from being regarded as human beings but regardless of someone’s color of skin all people are basically equal. However, racists like Regina Ice never see that. Therefore a formal complaint needs to be filed against people like Regina Ice to expose them for who they are and for how bitter, cold hearted, cold blooded, and vindictive they actually are as a bigot and a close-minded racist individual and person as a whole. Such is the case with this cursed, insane, and foul woman named, Regina Ice.


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