Rebecca McDonald Saskatoon, Canada

Cheater just doesn’t do justice for Rebecca, also known as, RatBecca as she likes to double cross people, including family and friends. She faked a cancer, her son’s suicide, mother’s heart attack, among many others, to get money. When she ran out of ideas she turned to the police, and turned in innocent friends. Becky is so messed up that there is a permanent restraining order preventing any contact with her two kids. This is disgusting as she routinely uses her kids as a way to con people out of their money. She is a monster, watch out if you meet her. She has about 5 or 6 guys going at any given time and likes to play them off each other to extract more money.



2 thoughts on “Rebecca McDonald Saskatoon, Canada

  1. shes a washed up meth junkie hooker that rips everyone off including her own kids , selling their things for cash
    useless hooker in Saskatoon extorts money any way possible from her victums , lives with old guy living on welfare hooking scamming is her life.

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