Rebecca Machusak, New Jersey, United States

Rebecca Machusak of New Jersey is a racist bigot to the highest extreme. Her racist ways are especially directed towards African-American men or Black men whose color of skin she highly despises and highly hates to the farthest and most intense level. This venom-spewing racist believes that such men are unfit to be in a serious relationship with her because of their skin color and skin tone being different from what she has. Her mentality is simply out of great racist disgust that she has for these men. Rebecca Machusak is simply a vile racist trash heap who thinks she can get away from her skin color racially biased and racist discriminatory ways. However there is such a thing as exposure and this post was created here to expose this vile and atrocious racist filth and her extreme racist mindset and sicko racist behavior. Rebecca Machusak is indeed a racist sicko because she is the greatest among them all it seems.


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