Raymond Albert Horne. Greensboro, NC Guilford County

Raymond is a mental health coordinator at United Youth Care Services. He goes out in the community to find clients for his agency. The only problem with that is most of his clients are women and his promises to do things for them so they will sleep with him. I was aith this man for 3 years. He has been suspended from his job numerous times for sleeping with clients and his serious cocaine habit but his bosss is his homeboy so he knows he’ll never be fired. He is physically abusive to his children especially his 10 year old daughter who only weeks ago he twisted her arm so hard it popped out of the socket, he made her lie and say she fell off the monkey bars. He’s thrown her in a trash can and even tried to put her in the trunk of his car. He will sleep with any woman he meets. He started seeing another woman named Kimberly Abney while he was with me cause she gives him money to support his drug habit. I tried to warn her but he’s very manipulative and has her brainwashed. I left him after catching them together yet he still calls me talking bout he miss me cause he need help taking care of his kids. He is in the Nation Of Islam and isn’t even supposed to have a girlfriend. He claims to be muslim yet he eats pork, smokes, drinks, and does numerous drugs. He is a leach to society and destroys women. If you meet this man do not let the charisma and charm fool you..he’s a ny hustler and he’ll hustle you right out of your underwear and money. Ladies Beware.


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  1. I am the original poster of this message and I would like to apologize to all parties involved. I said these things out of anger. They are not true. He is a good father and a pillar to the community.

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