Rashawn Epps, Washington

Rashawn Epps is a habitual liar and cheater. He says he has is own apartment and car, yet he lives with his baby mom and the car and apartment are hers. He doesn’t own anything he is a mooch and mommas boy. I slept in their bed and everything. This was all before i found out we were together 6 months until i found out the truth and showed him so he finally admitted it. He even brought his baby over to be with us saying his mom left him. He will also say he stays at his mommas house too when in reality he’s just cheating. He has 3 kids by 3 different women and maybe another one. Everything he says is a lie. He will also lie and say he’s trying out for the nba when he aint even good at basketball. He told me he loved me and wanted to get married and me have his baby. It was all lies. He feels no remorse to anything. He puts on a great act he even mowed my lawn n cleaned my house but he is nothing but a lying cheating piece of scum he is no man so far from it. Beware ladies he will leave you pregnant and not even care. Stay away from this low life that has no respect for women or his kids.


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