Ramsey Stampp, St. Louis, MO, USA

This is Ramsey Stampp = He’s currently living in St. Louis, MO. He’s still legally married to his wife, but is on Plenty of Fish and other sites. He has multiple women, and tells each one of them a different story, even lies about his birthday. Nothing that he says is true. He tells women that he bought his house with his ex, and she moved out when they got divorced because he’s from Jamaica and has no family near by, and she has a rich family so she’s living with them till the house sells and they can split the profit. In reality, the house is rented, and his ex is still paying the rent because she’s on the lease, but the lease ends as of the end of February and he’s going to be homeless unless one of the women takes him in.

He tells women he’s a chef – he tells some of them that he recently got laid off, and other women that he’s still working. Reality is, he hasn’t worked since February when he moved with his wife from Rolla to St. Louis – she pays for everything. He cries broke and tells stories to all the women – he even told one woman that his son has cancer and is dying in the ICU, so she was giving him a large amount of money towards copayments each month. He tells each women that they should move in together, asked one to buy a car and he would make the payments, but she had to put it in her name because of his ex. He tells the women that his ex is refusing to sign the divorce papers, when in reality she’s trying to divorce him and he’s crying to her begging and pleading to get back together.

Please please be aware ladies if you are on the dating sites – this man takes the cake as far as being slick and smooth – he has all the right words, but none of it is the truth. He spends his whole day and night trolling the internet picking up women. The reason his marriage ended was supposedly his wife’s fault – but in reality he cheated on her. He has sworn on his children’s lives that he is faithful, that G*d would strike him dead if he were lying about his son having cancer, and there are at least 5 women that have recently been played by him.


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