Rahim Lee, Boston MA

I’ve been with Rahim for 2 years I gave him my heart and soul and I find out his been cheating. His on dating sites and going around having s*x with different women. He calls himself a christian that goes to church every Sunday to praise the lord and then go cheat. Women beware of that nice smile his evil.


4 thoughts on “Rahim Lee, Boston MA

  1. I am not surprised, I met Rahim in June we dated for a few months. I got tired of him always working with uber (yeah right) and always high. That man smokes so much weed is ridiculous then he goes driving people around. And yeah he goes to church every Sunday like that makes him a better person when Monday – Saturday his high and f*****g different women. Disgusting!

  2. Hello! This is the real Rahim Lee. I just want to state for the record, that this page was made in order to defermate my character. I’m being accused of cheating on my significant other with someone who have never met before face-to-face personally in my life. I’ve been getting threats from this person via text messages and emails and they have not revealed to me who they truly are. They obviously have no personal life of their own, and probably doesn’t have a job because they harassed me during work hours. Everybody that knows me knows where I stand as far as my love for my significant other. So to the a*s hat that went out of their way to try to do this to me Bravo stalker boo boo! Get a life or kill yourself now!

  3. Rahim why you gotta lie u know Paula is my girl and I know everything no u never met that girl but making plans to meet with her and tell her ur single it is cheating . you stop talking to her recently cause u were still communicating with her. Don’t forget that Paula has access to ur accounts and knows everything. Ur a liar and a cheater but Paula loves u and I know u love her. To all the ladies out there Rahim Lee is in love with his soon to be fiancee Paula Stokes .

  4. I met him on tinder a few weeks ago. We went out once and had plans to go out again Friday night but I came across this. When I questioned him he said it was a girl he used to mess around with. is he still in a relationship, can someone please answer me?

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