Rachel Wahl, Troy, Michigan

Well it all started when my ex was working at a certain restaurant and Rachel started working there. She would text my husband about work stuff at first to be on his “radar”. One night, we had gotten into an argument and his phone went off after he went to bed and I looked at it and it read “why, what’s wrong?” At 2 am in the morning. Right then and there I knew that this was more than just a friendly work relationship. So, about two weeks go by and my birthday comes along… My husband didn’t even get out of bed to go to breakfast with me because he was so tired from staying up texting Rachel. Rachel and him had been skyping, texting and meeting up when he went to the gym or while I was at work. Anyways, on our anniversary, we went up to the restaurant to celebrate( I didn’t know all the juicy details at the time). She had the nerve to keep walking by our table eyeballing my husband smiling, giggling like a schoolgirl and then came up to him and didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I brought it up to him and he said oh she’s just a friend! (Yeah, right!) I had our anniversary vacation planned and so off we went… Little did I know, every morning he wouldn’t wake up to watch the sunrise with me because he was busy on his “late night jog” phone calling Rachel… When we got back home from our anniversary vacation, I went back to work and so did he. While I was at work one night, he called me saying he was sick and then hung up. I though to myself he must be horribly sick if he can’t even talk on the phone, so I stopped at got him a slurpee to make him feel better. Well, little did I know Rachel had picked him up from our house and took him to the bar, bought him a s**t ton of drinks, made out with him in public and then brought him home. I put together what had happened when I read his phone when it went off. Rachel had invited him over on my birthday and gave him a b*****b. Every time he went to the gym, grocery store or to make a coffee run, Rachel was there with him. Rachel knew he was married the whole time and would ask him questions about our marriage and about me. People like Rachel are just a shame to society, nothing but low class trash. Hopefully the next person she is with( oh, and did I mention she was sleeping with 3 other men at the time!) notices how much of a w***e she is and walks away. I know she will live with the guilt forever( if there is a conscience in her somewhere) and hopefully she grows up.


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