Rachel Coker, Kaskaskia, Illinois

First off, let me say that this woman Rachel Coker is a manipulator and w***e. When she met me, she talk about how bad she was doing in life because she was working at Walmart’s at the time. She told me that she needed someone to help her take of her. Long story short, every time, I would go by her roach-invested house and leave, another man was coming in. When I left her alone, she called and texted me, saying she needed me and that she was sorry. She said she got her act together, a better paying job. Some of the neighborhood guys were laughing at me when I would leave her house because they said she has had numerous s**t. STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Rachel Coker, Kaskaskia, Illinois

  1. Idk who posted this but I know it isn’t true.. Wish the “man” who put this would come forward and we can figure this out man to man!! Hmu if you’re the punk loser who put this on here

  2. Yeah whoever posted this on here is nothing but a liar and doesn’t know what they are talking about! For one she has NEVER even worked at Walmart! Lol The stupidity of what this says overwhelms me!

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